About us

IFILMCENTRALEUROPE is the association of a unique blend of highly experienced film makers and innovative European producers.

The EU’s enlargement towards Central Europe

Since its creation, the European Union never stopped developing its territories and it opened a vast market of exchange and economic freedom which radically changed habits in terms of audiovisual production by enriching the offer.

In 2004, the European Union enlarged to ten new countries among which Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia, followed in 2007 by Bulgaria and Romania and Croatia in 2013. These are the countries which IFILMCENTRALEUROPE intends to group into a global offer.

A concept which came to prevail naturally

The idea of IFILMCENTRALEUROPE came to the mind of three European producers and friends who used to work and produce all over Europe, looking for the best sets, the best teams and the best economic solutions for production. Over the years, they developed a real knowledge over the whole of Europe and soon became aware of the complementarity between the various countries.

Sebastian is based in the UK, Francesco in Italy and J-P in France and the three of them entered into the practice of exchanging and comparing their experiences, discoveries and contacts, while regretting the absence of a global offer for this part of Europe.

A unique solution based on experience

In order to be able to offer a global and unique production hub, they have partnered on the ground with renowned professionals inside the Central European film industry on whose strengths they know first-hand they can rely.

Through the years, many producers have joined forces to walk clients through their productions in a region whose sheer size and geographical diversity would be daunting enough without the pluralistic, multilingual society that composes it.

Whatever the size of the project and your financial possibilities, the goal of our company is to provide you with the right solution through the right country, the right team, which will be selected to answer the specificities of the project.

IFILMCENTRAEUROPE benefits fully from Europe’s status as a single space and is a member of the film producer network IFILMEUROPE