Experience an amazing variety of locations and the highest standard of filmaking

Hungary and neighbouring countries of central Europe offer film professionals Europe’s broadest range of locations.

In Hungary, Budapest became of central Europe’s most popular tourist attractions and because of its extraordinary diversity of attractions, streets, avenues, monuments, buildings and Heritage site, Budapest can double for any other city of Europe (Paris, Rome, etc) and even some beyond. And then of course, you can’t beat Budapest as Budapest.

There’s more to central Europe than the cobbled streets of Prague, the avenues of Budapest and the Opera. Even if the endless locations in Hungary are enough to please the most demanding filmmaker, with us you’ll discover reason to move beyond its ring road to the astounding variety of locations available in just one region : central Europe.

This variety of locations and longstanding tradition of cinematic excellence make Hungary and central Europe an exceptionally attractive destination for any type of production.

From our main office centrally located in Budapest we have developed branches in all Central Europe to cover a region defined between Eastern and Western Europe.

From mountain to seaside, discover with us, the wide variety from Alpine mountains to Mediterranean seaside, from the incredible Julian Alps mountains of Slovenia, the lakes and National Parks, to the amazing coastline of Croatia, the medieval castles, the hundreds of mostly uninhabited islands of Dalmatia, and the fortified city of Dubrovnik.